President Michael Corley talks about Triumphant Combat Sport's Prestige Fights

This weekend marks a special event for the USMF. The very first USMF IFMA Rules Prestige Match held by California's Triumphant Combat Sports. Promoter Geoff Quares had the opportunity to attend the IFMA World Championships in Cancun and witnessed the IFMA style of fighting first hand. This opportunity gave Triumphant Combat sports and the USMF an opportunity to make history.  The USMF Sat down with President Michael Corley to get his thoughts on this event.

Triumphant Combat Sports is holding this first IFMA rule style fight here in the United States which qualifies them for the USMF Team. What makes this such a big deal?It introduces the USA audience to what is hopefully to become, Olympic style MuayThai. It also brings together the USA’s best two 140lb Amateur fighters fighting for a spot on the USMF USA Muaythai Team for the Pan American Games.

How come this is the first time we are seeing this style of fighting and why has this never been done before?
The athletes will be wearing shin pads, elbow pads, and head gear. This style is padded because in the World Championships and other Continental Tournaments a fighter could fight up to 5 times over a week.

Describe the IFMA Fighting Style and Scoring VS USA Standards or lack there of.
A little more fast paced. Its 3 Rounds 3 Minutes and each round is scored independently and displayed on screen after each round.

I wouldn’t say there is a lack of standards in USA, I just think there are way too many versions of MuayThai. Every sanctioning, every state, has a different version of MuayThai. This becomes confusing to competitors, judges, and fans. I believe there should be a standard Amateur set of rules and Pro set of rules followed by everyone.

What do you know about the two boxers?
Jordan has been racking up experience internationally over the past 2 years as a representative of the USA Team. He has taken on some of the best in B Class, and some of his opponents have gone on to win A class tournaments in Europe and Worlds the same and/or following year.  I think Jordan is one of the hardest hitting 140lb fighters in the USA.

Malcolm has been tearing up the national circuit and has literally won all the tournaments of 2017/2018 WKA, TBA, and USMTO. Not only has he been winning he has been clearly winning and outclassing opponents.

Is he ready to take that spot? We find out the 13th!

How do you see this affecting the future of Muay Thai?
I think until we have a USMF National Qualifier we will have these Prestige Fights where our nations #1 and #2 compete for the spot. It also adds to the value of entering the USMF Rankings and attending Official USMF Events.

Anything else you would like to add? Any Future IFMA style fights?
I would like to thank Geoff Quares of Triumphant for being the first promotion to host a USMF Prestige Fight! Its definitely possible! When there’s a contested spot, what better way to settle it than to have the athletes compete for it.


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